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Lisa and Susan will discuss their latest YouTube video series about the stages of caring of someone at the end of life, and his/her journey, while celebrating life memories with family and friends.  In addition, they will discuss moving on with life after the loved one is no longer with them and how to celebrate the person’s life.  This discussion for is anyone facing an end of life journey, or caring for someone who is, and anyone whose loved one or dear friend is no longer physically here, and is creating a new life without that person.

Both are celebrations of life, and death is a part of life.  Both Susan and Lisa have gone through death in their lives and they are able to help others celebrate life though it may be coming to an end, and a new life, while always celebrating the life that is no longer here.

2 Comments on “The Sands of Time: The End of Life Journey and Beyond–Lisa and Susan”

  1. I must say, this book has helped me personally get through a traumatic experience I encountered with a family member some time ago. It gives me great peace to know it is ok to move on with life and find a purpose in living again. Truly inspirational and very grateful I had the opportunity to read this book.

    • Thank you for your positive feedback. It means so much to me that it touched your life and helped you in the grieving process. We hold our loved ones in our hearts forever. However, they would want us to be happy and to be able to move forward with our lives.

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